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Hi, I am Leslie Kane, creator of the “Why Not Today?” Podcast

Why did I start this podcast…

I have always felt led to start a Podcast. I discussed it with several friends who encouraged me to start but I didn’t know what I wanted to share. Then, September 2021 I saw a social media post from a friend of my father’s that shared about my dad and how they both used to say “Why Not Today?”  That really made me start thinking about this theme.  I shared this story with my friend Bianca, and she immediately said this is the name of your Podcast and Why Not start it!  I started with the idea, created a logo and couldn’t get the idea off my mind.

My Dad, Patrick Kane made a huge impact in my life and many others. My Dad never met a stranger and was committed to his family and making a difference in the community.  He never met a stranger and when he met you he really made you think.  After my dad passed away in 2013 I wanted to find a way to honor his life and share his legacy. The “Why Not Today?” podcast was a perfect way to share his legacy!

I finally decided to start the podcast on March 5, 2022 (My dad was born and passed away on March 5th). I wanted to be a share stories from people that had been courageous in their life and said, “Why Not Today?”.  I really wasn’t sure what I was doing or how it would work but I just started! 

My goal for the podcast is to share courageous stories to help encourage others to be courageous.  I want to share stories of people who have done things that required courage.  In the book, The Power of Regret, by Daniel Pink he shares that people regret failures of boldness. Over time people regret inactivity over activity. People regret playing it safe rather than taking a chance.  I want this podcast to give people hope and say “me too” and be courageous!

Who is Leslie Kane?

I have followed in my father’s footsteps working for my self and being active in my community.  I am a Courage Coach helping women feel more confident and beautiful.  I started my Mary Kay Cosmetics business in 1994 and was able to leave my corporate job just 5 years later. Starting my business and leaving corporate America took a lot of courage.  I love to help women by sharing MK products and supporting women to start and grow their own businesses. I am also very involved in my community. I am a proud to have received the honor of 2019 Best of Reston from Cornerstones and be a class of 2021 Leadership Fairfax alumni.

Community Involvement

  • Co-founder, Kids of Reston, 2013:  a grassroots philanthropic non-profit created to give back to Cornerstones.
  • Board Member, Shelter House, 2015-2017: two homeless and one domestic violence shelter supporting those in need of housing in Fairfax County.
  • Religious Educator, St. Thomas a’ Becket Catholic Church, 2000 – 2018
  • Board Member, Gabriel Homes, 2022 – present: a private nonprofit organization promoting independence through residential placement, training, and community integration for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Reston and Herndon, Virginia. 
  • Creator, Adopt-a-Mom Program, 2004- present

Where did the “Flat Pat” Logo come from?

Patrick Kane had a very memorable look. He wore an eye patch and had a handle bar mustache. My dad would always sign with a logo he created.  This logo was meaningful to my family and many others. Myself and several my siblings and neices and nephews even have this logo as tatoos.  After my dad passed, my mom was sharing all the things she wish they had done before he passed away.  My brother suggested that we should create “Flat Pat” like the “Flat Stanley” that kids share.  The “Flat Pat” logo was shared with many friends and family and has since traveled all over the world.  “Flat Pat” has even been carved in a pumpkin and made into a veggie platter. When I decided to start the podcast I knew I wanted to Flat Pat to be part of the logo.  

What’s Next?

I want the Why Not Today? message to be shared with others and give people courage and hope. I have made vinyl stickers, insulated cups and shirts with the Why Not Today? logo to spread the word.  The son, of one of my dad’s friends from HS in California, saw the logo and wanted a shirt because it brought back great memories.