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Unleash Your Inner Brave Mastermind

Why Not Today?…

Join a community of Brave Women as we inspire and empower each other to embrace courage and take actions towards our dreams without delay!

What is next in your life? 

Do you feel stuck, unsettled or just know there is something more in you?

Is this for you?

  • You’re ready – it’s your time
  • You’ve had enough
  • You keep thinking about it 
  • There an idea that keeps nagging you and waking you up at night
  • You’ve been procrastinating and talking about it
  • You’re a “Why Not Today?” innovator
  • You’re looking for a community of like-minded women
  • You feel unsettled and unsure of what’s next

Join the inaugural Why Not Today? Unleash Your Inner Brave Mastermind Today!

Four Mastermind Sessions – 75 minutes each via zoom

  • Why Not Today? face your fears and stop procrastinating on your dreams and ideas for personal and professional growth

  • The Power of Why Not Today?  The importance of the present moment and doing it now

  • Building Courage. Strengthen your confidence and courage to take action despite fears and uncertainties

  • Sustaining momentum and unveiling your next chapter.  Strategies to maintain your bravery and momentum in the long term

You will have access to the special Why Not Today? Unleash Your Inner Brave Mastermind community!

Limited seating, only 6 seats available in the Why Not Today?

Unleash Your Inner Brave Mastermind.

Join Courage Coach, Leslie Kane and other Brave Women ready to Unleash Their Inner Brave!

Leslie Kane will facilitate this Mastermind group and provide insight and coaching to support you take those steps to Unleash Your Inner Brave!

Leslie has 30 years of extensive coaching experience as a top executive of a multibillion dollar privately held company.  She has been successful in coaching 1,000’s of women to grow their own companies. Leslie is an expert at gathering people, connecting others and being able to mine the best out of people.

As a lifelong learner herself, Leslie will provide resources and tools to help you grow personally and professionally during this Mastermind program.  

WNT Insp Quotes - 2024 May

Do NOT wait another minute to be Brave and Change your life!